Sunday, 18 September 2011

Imola: Other scooter makes

A Moto Guzzi Galletto from the end of production, 192 cc.

Not only Vespa and Lambretta caught my eye during the fair at Imola. Some other makes were present.
The big surprise was the "Catria" from Motobi Pesaro. I sure wasn't expecting two (!) MV Agusta either.
We do have some Moto Guzzi Galleto's here in Sweden, mainly of the first series from the 50's, 160 or 192 cc. Also the 150 cc Iso were sold here during the heydays. Event the second series of 125 cc capacity Iso's. The one in the pic needs a lot of TLC...
Nice scoots!

A MV Agusta CGT which has been resprayed sometimes.
Laverda 50 cc 4-stroke scooter from the 60's. 
The sad remains of an Iso Scooter 125.
A Benelli, the legshield says scooter, the wheels are too big. A moped.
An Iso Diva (?), they were called "Milano" in Sweden. Left: a Capri.
The english contribution; a three-wheeled Ariel...
Another Moto Guzzi Galetto.
Another view on the Catria from Motobi Pesaro.
A closer take on the MV Agusta CGT 150 cc.


  1. I love looking at the vintage scoots, I noticed a few vintage motorcycles too.

  2. Nice pics, Iso Diva(Milano) was acctually sold under the name Iso Piccolino in Sweden.
    Regards Jan

  3. This feels like a comment from way up north in Sweden...
    So, the Iso was never sold under the Milano name in Sweden, just Piccolino?
    Regards as well!

  4. Hehe, You´re right, from the North and a member of "Cold fish SC".
    The Iso 150cc scooters that I have seen has been badged Milano, never seen an ISO badged Diva, Piccolino or Popular (I think they was called Popular in Belgium).
    On al documentation i have seen in Swedish they are called Piccolino, I´ll send you some pics a.s.a.p

  5. Coldfish SC? Gotta be you, and your neighbour closer to the sea!