Friday, 23 September 2011

My working Lambretta

It's been three years since I last drove my Lambretta 150D 1956, though first registered 1957. Since that I have acquired the Svalan Scooter 1954 (in 2009) and the Vespa Utilitaria 1953 (2010). And maybe a couple more...
So the old friends tend to move into oblivion.
The 150D has a strange green colour, chosen by the man who renovated it and then sold it to me. The green colour is very near the colour the city counsils in Sweden choose for their gardening vehicles, small tractors, lawn movers etc.
Well, yesterday I filled her up with new petrol, adjusted the spark plug gap and applied starter gas - and it coughed to life. But the clutch was stuck. The trick is to drive so that the engine gets warm, gentle gearchanging and constant use of the clutch lever. After a 15 minute drive the clutch plates came apart and it worked as normal.
Autumn is here in Sweden, but I think I'll get a MOT, then it's ready for next spring!
Or will any of my other Lambrettas be ready by then?

Trying to jumpstart, spark plug change after that.

The helmet's colour clashes with the Lambretta's.

"Hrm, how do you drive a Lambretta".

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  1. Thomas, she is a beauty! I love the green colour, it seems peppy. We are just starting our fall weather here. Unfortunately they are forecasting rain for the next week, which makes the scoot commute miserable. Thank goodness for rain gear. I am starting my motorcycle course next weekend and am very excited about that. A friend of my husband's wants to buy my scoot off me and I not very inclined to sell her yet. Maybe some day.