Sunday, 2 October 2011

The other Lambretta series 1...

Two Lambretta TV 175, series 1, from 1958.

Maybe you have guessed, that there is something fishy going on in my backyard.
Yes, I have a Lambretta TV 175, series 1, under restoration. And a wreck.
It's always scary to post an ongoing restoration.  Will the inspiration go away? Will people ask about what happend to it?
Okay, I'll make a try anyway.
I bought this scooter three years ago, me thinks...
A friend restoring old cars mentioned that he had inherit an old Lambretta from his father who had passed away. I waited over six months before I contacted him, saying "you shouldn't be tellling me things like this...". He said "I know".
When the garage doors were opened and I could see that it was a series 1, I was hooked. The son had told me that it was from 1958, not much more.
A deal was struck, if I don't restore I have to sell it back to him. Luckily he didn't set a time limit...
The Lambretta was saved at the end of the 80's and the restoration started around 1990. The old man resprayed it himself in the right colour, ivory. He had the wheels re-chromed, but not painted. The restoration came to a halt since couldn't locate a new piston. This where the early 90's!
The scooter was partly reassembled, but the engine was in pieces.
I have so far purchased a piston with rings and my good friend Patrik put the engine together. I have also polished some of the aluminium bits. I decided early on that I wanted a yellow/brown two-tone, so the saddle was sent to a upholsterer. Here I also choose yellow/brown, trying to match the paint.
I also had the painter to apply the ivory paint on the chromed rims, just like original. 
As I showed in the former blogpost I had to take some parts from my wreck,
Right now I don't have all parts, but it's getting closer.
Stay tuned, and cheer me on!

It was for this head set I needed the bolt from the wreck.
The yellow is the original ivory, the brown is hazel nut.


  1. I like the photo of the restoration in the background behind the wreck.

    Really nice colour scheme, looks like a really nice restoration.

  2. Thanx, Out!
    I hope it turns out well. Some small parts still missing. Shall order through Casa Lambretta Scandinavia.
    Isn't that a very dark hazel nut?

  3. What's the code of brown colour ?