Monday, 31 October 2011

Three tin toy Vespas

Once upon a time these were for children. Now they are for collectors.
I found these in a locked cabinet at the Padova fair in Italy the last weekend. Don't know of what brands, wonder if someone can be from France. It's the same registration number on the Vespa and on the Ape.
My favourite is the red Vespa with the young driver with the stylish knitted (well, use your imagination) pullover!


  1. Ingap and La Hotte St. Nicolas!

  2. Hey! I have the same Red Vespa! Im trying to figure what it is and the date!

    Did you learn anything?

  3. But the little guy on mine is different then ur little guy. Mine has a little beanie on his head.

  4. Hi, Jono!
    Yours should be from the maker INGAP, Industria Nazionale Giocattoli Automatici Padova, from the city of Padua near Venice. And yes he wears a beanie! There was also a version with sidecar!
    Maybe the one I photographed is younger, the one above. He seems more modern than the one with the beenie on page 24 in the book "Vespa Forever" by Robin Davy and Mika Hahn.
    Lucky you! Send me a picture if you like.