Monday, 10 October 2011

TV 175: The choice of colours

Why did I choose the colour scheme ivory/hazel nut for my Lambretta TV 175, series 1?
Well, it was resprayed in 1990 by the former owner himself. On the side panels he had sanded down some excessive paint and gone through to the basecoat.
I certainly don't have an unlimited time or budget for my scooter projects. I decided to give it a two-tone, keeping the old paint on the frame and headset etc, and applying new on the "damaged" parts.
I didn't dare going for ivory (avorio) because of matching issues. 20 years is a long time.
So, ivory and brown felt nice. That decided I gave the saddle to an upholsterer, with two sheets of "yellow" and "brown" vinyl. The pattern is some what after a Lammy featured in Scootering some years ago.
I'm not a custom guy as you can see. Because of that I was very happy discovering the adverts below, in the 1959 April issue of the English magazine "Motor Cycling with Scootering Weekly".
Here it's stated that you can get your TV 175 in ivory - coffee/ivory - green/ivory - blue ivory. 1959, it could be a series 2. Or maybe a series 1?
Coffee or hazel nut, it's the same to me.
Next advert has a drawing of a two-toned Li.
Anyhow, I'm happy with my choice!

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