Sunday, 16 October 2011

The last ride on the Vespa U

We're entering the big darkness here in Sweden. The big cold as well. Not much hope for decent temperatures for about six months. Maybe next April will be warm and sunny, then we hibernate for only five months...
Today I took a last ride on my Lambretta 150D and my Vespa 125 U for this year. Emptying the fuel tanks while enjoying myself. My son's Vespa 50R was also put away for the winter. The 160 GS, not driven this year, is at the far right below.

Even tried on my "new" pillion seat, the one bought at the Imola fair. Not sure if it turned out well...colourwise I mean.


  1. Scooter beautiful!!
    Hugo Cardozo

  2. Gracias, Hugo!
    Todo esta bien en Paraguay?