The abandoned Vespa 50 PK S

Updated 14/3
No snow, a bit dirtier. Still there...first post of 2013.

14th of March 2013.

 Updated 6/12
It's still there. Amidst the remains of the mighty snowstorm that hit Stockholm yesterday.

6th of December 2012.

Updated 13/11
Ok, nothing has happened. A little bit dirtier perhaps. And there is an old Volvo 245 from the 70's in the background.

Updated 4/10
Well, am I losing interest here? It's been two months since I visited the PK S. It's still there.

Updated 3/8
Okay, a long time since the last update. Maybe because nothing happens?
But today is the One year-jubilee of this post!

3rd of August 2012.

Uppdated 23/3
One month later, now it´s really spring. This one is going nowhere!

Uppdated 23/2
Spring, or Primavera as they say in Italy, might be on it's way. The owner of the Vespa PK 50 S doesn't seem to care. It's still there but the snow has melted.

23rd of February 2012.

Updated 13/2 2012
What can I say?
13th of February 2012.

Updated 23/1 2012
Old fashioned angle, more snow again. Why do you don't care about a Vespa PK 50 S? Are you sick? Dead? Bad memory?

23rd of January 2012.

Updated 11/1 2012
Different angle, no snow, same tree.

11th of january 2012.

Updated 10/1 2012
Come rain, come snow...

10th of January 2012.
Updated 4/1 2012
Tried to update this page and a lot just disappeared. The post from november is gone. Don't know why.
Here is a fresh picture. The Vespa 50 PK S hasn't moved an inch!
It just looks cleaner than before, thank's to the rain maybe.

Updated 27/9
Nothing has happened...

The note has disappeared! Why?
Someone is trying to ruin my project, he want's to buy PK

I have spotted a red Vespa 50 PK S near my workplace. To me it seems abandoned, locked with the steering lock and a chain to the front wheel. Dusty but sound, presumably non working.
My plan is to take photos on an fairly regular basis during a year.
Let's see the seasons shift into to each other. Come rain, come snow. The leaves of the fall covering the ground.
This could be very poetic!
27th of september
6th of september!

25th of august 2011.
16th of august, and a BMW 850i.
15th of august 2011.
7th of august 2011.
3th of august 2011.
3 augusti 2011.
3 augusti 2011.
3 augusti 2011.

3 augusti 2011.
3 augusti 2011.