Friday, 22 March 2013

Vespa Primavera for sale?

Yikes! I stumbled on this today. In an old geezer's garage, you can see his feet and legs on the right. He has a lot of old Swedish mopeds and other stuff. This Vespa Primavera 1969 has only 3 650 km's on the speedo! Some small scratches in the paint though.
It might be for sale, at a price?


  1. Just struck me: this is the only Primavera we're getting here in Sweden. Still vey cold! ;)

  2. Soon to be in your collection? I really like the original paint... very nice.

  3. Certainly hope so!
    I have known this guy for ten years, he sold some odd Vespa bits at fairs. This Primavera was a surprise.
    But it could be a long negotiation, he's away a lot and as the old guys say here in Sweden: "it doesn't it any bread...".
    Do you have a similar expression in the States?

  4. Sorry, "it doesn't eat any bread" of course.