Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tin toy scooter from Japan

It's tin toy time again! I just bought this at a fair. To me it's a Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon. From around 1958-1960, and there is no name of the manufacturer on it. Although there is a small badge on the side that says "Silver Pigeon". Underneath "Made in Japan" is stamped on the tin metal.
Mitsubishi produced it's first scooter in 1946, orginally an american scooter. During the 50's it competed with fellow Japanese scooters Honda Juno and Fuji Rabbit. The scooter era at Mitsubishi ended in 1963 after some 463 000 had been built in different series. The models around 1958-1960 were C-93 and C-111, about 200 cc.
In the background; my Bandai Vespa GS.

The badge on side cowl says "Silver Pigeon".

"Made in Japan", the only branding on the scooter.


  1. Have you seen there is a mark between the wording "made in B Japan" ? Guess... who had produced this toys? "B"