With my feet on the ground

Yup! I've done it again, taking pics of my feet - accidently.

From the rideout on New Year's Eve 2012.

With my Dessies on!

Some new fabulous photos of my feet:

Yes, I have a smart phone of a certain brand. Nice thing, lot's of buttons and functions. I'm maybe familiar with ten percent...
And it has a camera! Nice to have handy. Well, sometimes "feety".
It takes pictures by itself!
As you can see below.
Suddenly I discovered quite a lot of pictures of my feet, most often at least one of them.
Accidental photography if you like.
Sad to say it seems that I have become better at handling my smart phone. There hasn't been one "foot-photo" in two months. I miss them!

In our bath room, April.

Near the airport Arlanda, in May I think.

Scooter Premiere, Stockholm, May.

Cortona, Italy, in June.

Also Cortona, the escalator to the old town.

Near Bergamo and Milan.

Stockholm, July.

Very North, 200 kms below Polar Circle.

At the start of Mods VS Rockers.

Scooter Day, Stockholm, September.

Imola Autodromo, September.