Friday, 20 January 2012

Stewardesses on the go!

Sorry, that I have to amuse you once again with the Swedish motoring magazine "Fart".
This time from 1960, with two SAS stewardesses on Vespas. Picture taken at Stockholm airport Arlanda?
The Vespa on the left is a "Touring", VGLA, and the one on the right ought to be a "Popolino", VNS.
The Popolino has a cool registration number, A 1960, A stands for Stockholm city, B for Stockholm county. The A 1960 plate might be a fake.


  1. Fart? Only mildly irritated by the name of the magazine... We have a similar word in German ('Fahrt' meaning ride or drive).

  2. Fart is the Swedish word for speed.

  3. I'm always impressed with your Italian vernacular, and really appreciated your other posts on Faro Baso, Osteriches, and others. So what is a Popolino?
    And those scooters look like VBB 150cc aka "sportique", and VNA 125cc to me??

  4. Hi fiftiesdesign!
    The Vespa Popolino was an export model made for the Swedish market. The chassis numbers started with VNS1T, VNS2T and VNS3T. S stands for Sweden I guess. The main feature was a small gas tank, two litres, to get under the magical weight of 75 kilo. Scooters or motorcycles under that was allowed for 16 year olds during the 50's and 60's in Sweden. After you had bought the Popolino you could go back to the shop and get a regular tank...
    The Touring was also an export model, I think that that name was used in Sweden only. 3.50/10-inch wheels and 150 cc producing 5 hp, the VBB had 3.00/8-inch wheels.