Saturday, 17 September 2011

Scooterns dag in Stockholm

Scooterns dag (The Day of the Scooter) was held today in Stockholm. I have more to report from Imola but since I'm such a "now" guy this comes before hand.
40 or so scooterists, Vespa and Lambretta mostly, drove through the innercity of Stockholm to Riddarholmen (Knight's Island) were the church for the graves of Sweden's kings and queens is located.
Arrangers Vespa Club Stockholm in some joint venture with Svenska Scooterklubben had organized a courier includning moving an football sitting on your scooter. Even using a bandystick moving a small yellow ball (very Swedish sport on ice). Six two-person team participated while the spectators ate hot dogs enjoying the sun of this the last (?) summer day in Stockholm.
My team, with Ola, finished sixth...
Usually there are more scooterists, maybe the Mods vs Rockers two weekends ago "stole" the attention?
Next gathering? New Year's Eve...

An 80's Servetta!

The little yellow ball is a "Bandyboll", no stick in sight.

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