Saturday, 10 September 2011

Another hot day...

Sorry, my brain and body stops functioning when it's to hot. Today it was even hotter than yesterday at the Imola fair. 30-31 degrees in the shadow. A temperature we never reached in Sweden this summer.
Today I bought two Carelli extra lights, the type that is "half". I'll put a picture here tomorrow, too tired now. I think the Carello spot lamps will fit my Vespa 160 GS nicely. Also an engine hatch for a smallframe.
A lot of firms are here. Vespa-guy Mauro Pascoli had a stand close to Lambretta parts supplier Tino Sacchi. And I've spotted the Riminilambretta Centre's bus.
All pictures yesterday and today was taken with my mobile phone. Some better ones will appear on the blog when I'm at home in Sweden.

The strange Pesaro Motobi, I never heard of it before.

The MV Augusta CGT 150 cc from about 1952.

The 80's are back!

Lambretta A, belonging to Lambretta legend Tino Sacchi, outside his market stall.

Everywhere Vespa parts for sale.

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