Friday, 15 April 2011

Vespa in children's book

This is a very nice children's book from Spain. My copy of the book "Olga y Jorge en Vespa" is the third edition and the copyright is marked 1959, but I think it was made a couple of years earlier.
It's designed after the drawing of Olga and Jorge and the Vespa, so every page is the silhouette of the front page.
So, Olga and Jorge goes on a "raduno" (ride-out) with their friends and since it's a spanish book they have a beef with a bull!

Here they are at a competition organized by "El Vespa Club del pueblo".
And it's said: "Quién ganará el Gran Premio Copa Vespa?" (Who's winning...)
Nice drawings of the Vespa faro basso-style altough it has another headlamp on the handlebar à la the germanbuilt Vespa "Königin".

The back cover of the book is very cunningly a picture of Olga and Jorge going away...
My copy of the book is not complete. 
Last year I saw another example of this book at the Piaggio museum in Pontedera. Jorge should have a pair of "real" googles on the front, 3-D if you like. And there is a small hole by his helmet for the straps to the googles. Pity!

Un libro dalla Spagna, stampato intorno al 1958. Il museo Piaggio a Pontedera hanno un libro simile. Ma Jorge ha un paio goggles reale. Mi libro manca i goggles.

The background for the pictures of the book is a tatty Vespa VM2.

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