Tuesday, 24 May 2011

More pics rideout/raduno VWD 2011

I had hoped that the live-blogging from Vespa World Days 2011 in Gjövik, Norway, should have gone better. Well, the tele-connections were not on my side. Here is the pictures during the rideout to Lillehammer.

At the start of the rideout/raduno on friday.
We're off! Downhill from the camping on top of Gjövik.
Vespas in a very long row. 400-500 were participating.
One hand on the handlebars, one on the camera.
Life in a northern town, this Vespisti is from Trondheim in Norway.

Vespa Club Città Bianca's driver on a, white, Vespa GS 160.
I think this rider is from Vespa Club Pordenone. 
So is this one.
Very anonymous...
This is Ronnie from Blacksmith's Scooter Club, Sweden.
Celebrating Italia's 150th anniversary?
This might be a rider from Vespa Club Lund, Sweden.
One of the oldest, a faro basso 1953 or 1954, from VC Malonno, Italy.
Here they come again!

Through a tunnel near Lillehammer.
A practical combo, the PAV is useful.
Nice view in Lillehammer. 
Some of us had trouble finding the right way.
That's me! Reflecting on a Vespa...
And the Vespa 180 SS I had to borrow.

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  1. It looks so beautiful in Lillehammer, its very much like British Columbia.