Saturday, 7 May 2011

Scooter premiere Stockholm

Stockholm Mod Scooter club participated.

Saturday 7th of May, finally the Scooter Premiär 2011 (Premiere, Primo) in Stockholm. Excellent weather, sunny and warm. Maybe 80 plus scooters were present. From a 1950 Vespa "Rod" over tuned Lambrettas to modern Vespas. The motorcade drove through Stockholm inner city, past an annoying marathon or so, to the Nytorget. Refreshments and scooter-talk.
The main arranger was the Svenska Scooterklubben, but Lambretta Club Stockholm, Vespa Club Stockholm and Stockholm Mod Scooter Club were present.
Yes, I've used a programme to give the pictures an old look.
Some more "normal" pictures at the end of this blog.

Super-tuned Lambretta series III.

Mildly pimped Vespa SS 180.

My own Vespa 125 U with a Primavera.

Shiny Vespa GS with a Li series I.

You gotta look cool, mirrors where plentiful.

Vespa Rally 200.

Mirrors and fog lights.

Nicely customized Vespa Touring from 1961.

Quite a lot Lambretta 200 DL were present.

The owner of this one has rastafari hair...

The Lambretta Li again.

Sidecar, with stickers from all over Europe.

I like the angle of the riders foot!

A married couple with the kids at home...

Union Jack was frequent.

Lot's of targets...

At the goal, Nytorget.

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