Saturday, 14 May 2011

Cool Vespa rider in Pisa

Even the coolest cat in Italy wears a helmet today. On my first visit to Italy twenty years ago, no one riding a Vespa had head protection. The guy on the smallframe is riding in the old parts of Pisa, near the leaning tower. We were enjoing an espresso doppio and a gelato when he hurried past.
The condition and style of the Vespa 125 indicates that it's not only a commuter vehicle. Maybe a member of the Vespa Club Pisa? A club who started as early as 1949.

The scooter premiere in Stockholm was covered by lots of photographers. One was Fia-Lotta, check her pics, who happened to capture another cool cat. I didn't colour match the old helmet with the Vespa 125 U, the one guilty is the former owner who obviously had some blue paint left after spraying the "utilitaria".
Now? The Vespa World Days 2011 in Gjövik, Norway, is not far away...


  1. Cool, that's Giampaolo on his et3, he is a friend of mine!

  2. Vero? Great fun, the picture was taken just before we discovered that our rented car had been towed. There was a big party in the centre of Pisa with million of candles in the windows of the houses. Say hello to Giampaolo from me!

  3. Like the U ;)