Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cosa, more beautiful now?

Cosa from Piaggio, not a Vespa?

I remember when the Cosa from Piaggio was in the shops. I had just bought my Vespa GS 1961. I thought the Cosa was ugly as hell. Too square at the back and ungainly overall. But I never drove one, or has driven one after that. I now know that the Cosa clutch is highly praised.
The photo above was taken today outside Stockholm. I'm pretty sure that it's the same Cosa that was for sale on an Internet-site here in Sweden a couple of months back. It's an import from Germany and it was registered in Sweden in the beginnning of April, and for sale a couple of days later.
As time goes by, I've started to appreciate the Cosa. Not only for it's part in the Piaggio story (a sad part, they tried to get away from the Vespa brand), but now I kind of like the quirky look!

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  1. It took me two years to buy my own! This is also from the first series. Although there was an earlier version with the tail light below the license plate.