Thursday, 16 June 2011

Mail, delivered by Vespa's

I don't really remember how I found this pictures. They're from The Sydney Bus Museum in Australia. A fine part of Australia's postal history.
On the seat inside the Ape you can see a sign with the letters PMG, which stands for Postmaster-General's Departement. It was founded in 1901.
The Piaggio products, the VBB (?) Vespa and the Ape was used in the beginning of the sixties. Sydney Bus Museum credits the firm Ansair in Melbourne for the box behind the cabin of the Ape, which were used in inner-urban areas.
The Vespa's were more common in Adelaide, from the sixties until the late 70's.
Look how the Vespa has been reinforced to hold heavy loads of letters up front.
Let's hope the postman had a saddle at least!

(Pictures published with authorization from The Sydney Bus Museum)

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