Thursday, 2 June 2011

Valborundan on a Vespa

The two wheel rally "Valborundan" in the Swedish town Gävle, 170 km north of Stockholm, was very nice. Sunny and warm. Never has so many scooters participated in the 30 year old rally. The oldest motorcycle was an "American Chicago", from 1911!
My own Vespa 125 U was the oldest Vespa, the 125 with sidecar is a 1954 model. There was also a 1955 Vespa GS 1950. Another rare scooter was a Peugeot S55 from 1955. There was also a NV Progress 1956, a "badge-enginered" german from the Progress-Werke, sold by the Swedish "Nymans Verkstäder".

Ola on a 1954 Vespa 125 with sidecar.
Tobi, a german on a german Vespa GS. Note the "swan-neck".
Paka on his nicely restored Vespa GS 150, VS 1.
Another GS, now a VS 5 from 1960.  Janne drives.
His fiancé Märit on a Vespa Touring, 6 hp and 10-inch wheels.
My own Vespa Utilitaria lost in the woods. 
Håkan has a rare Peugeot S55, 1955. Unfortunately he got a puncture...
Note original jacking devices. Fixed in no time at all.
Gävle Scooters, a local club, paid a visit.

The guys from Vespa Club Stockholm.

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