Saturday, 5 May 2012

Scooter premiere 2012

The rideout ended at Skeppsbron in the Old City.

The 2012 scooter premiere in Stockholm started with cold and cloudy weather. It got better, by time the rideout started at noon the sun was shining. About 75 scooters were participating, riding through the centre of Stockholm.
My newly restored TV 175 had a good start, and it got even better when I managed to put the fuel tap in the right position.
Midway through the rideout I had problems with the clutch, making it a bit difficult to change gears. I'll try to adjust the cable tomorrow.
Well, a nice day anyhow!

It started at the museum of boats.

Beautiful TV 175 to the right...

In Italt this is called "conservata".

A Vespa 150 from 1956 with sidecar and at least 200 cc...

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