Friday, 4 May 2012

TV 175 on the premiere!

Tomorrow, on Saturday the 5th of May, it's the scooter premiere here in Stockholm. My dream was to participate on my 1958 Lambretta TV 175, series 1. And it has been fulfilled, thanx to my good mate Jim. He has the skills, the tools and the stamina to make it happen!
I was a bit dubious this Wednesday, the clutch wasn't working very well. "We have to open the engine" said Jim. "Bye, bye, the premiere" were my thoughts. Then Jim fabricated a clutch depressing tool, and then we discovered a broken bearing, with three balls on the loose. Happy days were here again after that was sorted!
Today we continued. After that the cables to the gearbox were installed, I had to take a short drive...
And after we had mounted the last bits, horncover, speedo housing etc, it was time for a test drive. It went to the local groceries, 5 km's away, to buy coffe and mustard. It went very well and it was a blast to drive the Lammy! Although I have to take it easy, the piston and rings are new.
So, it's gonna be a great day tomorrow. Stay tuned for a report!

I couldn't wait...

The TV 175 starts very nice.

"Hey, look, both brake lights are working".

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