Thursday, 6 December 2012

Save up for the Vespa 946!

According to some italian websites the retailing price for the new Vespa 946 will be in the region of 8 000 euro. A hefty sum if they're right, start filling the piggy bank!
125 cc for the Italian market, and 150 cc for USA is stated. I hope Sweden is included for the slightly bigger version.
If I understand the sites correctly there will also be a limited pre-series in, yes you guessed right, 946 copies.
That might be even more expensive!
I'm still not quite sure about that saddle. I'm predicting som smaller after market ones!
But I guess you have to see it in real life before making a final judgement.
The rear indicators are cleverly hidden, and the tail light is also cool.
Handlebar? A bit bulky, but then I'm an old school guy!
And remember that I really loathed the Cosa when it arrived. About 25 years later I think it's really nice!


  1. Hello,
    I'm also very excited about this new Vespa.
    I've seen Vespa prototype last year at EICMA and I liked it very much.
    However, please tell me, where have You found that information about 946 available Vespas 946?
    Greetings from Poland :)

  2. Hi Jaski!
    The 946 is certainly something special!
    I've found several sites which speculates over the price. This site thinks the price will be € 9000:


  3. Some English dealers claim they can take pre-orders for the Vespa 946. Price around £ 7 200. And only 50 of them coming to UK!
    Can we hope for 5 to Sweden?

  4. These are really cool looking. I think they will sell in the US. The styling is really something different. The scooter market here seems to be at the extreme ends of the price scale. There are very cheap Chinese junk for little money, and on the other hand, large 250cc and 300cc luxury scooters. I think this will fit in well at the top of the market. Let's face it BMW has a very boring maxi-scooter that is almost $10,000 US.

    The styling on this is every bit as crazy as any of the interesting scooters from the 50's. I like it. Will I buy one? Probably not...