Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Happy scooter Christmas!

The forks tells it all.

Just sending Christmas greetings to all of you!
With some pictures, new and old.
The funny thing is that I discovered recently that I took som pictures of an original Vespa PK 50 XL on our holiday in Cortona summer 2011. Or the "new" town below Cortona, Camucia that is. Little did I know that I would own a XL a year later.
The pic of the couple on the faro basso is from Vespa World Days 2011 in Norway.
The Lammy racer sits at Vittorio Tessera's museum in Rodano, Milano.
Happy holidays! 

A Swedish back yard...

A Vespa 50 at a classical car dealer btw Imola and Bologna.

A Faro Basso in Norway

Vespa PK 50 XL caught in Camucia, Italy.

The same PK 50 XL, with te correct saddle.
Lambretta 125 C at Museo Scooter & Lambretta.

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