Thursday, 22 December 2011

Magnificent about Lambretta

It's maybe too late to wish for this as a Christmas gift. But maybe you can change a boring book against this?
"Lambretta - due ruote di felicità" (two wheels of happiness) is of course written by Vittorio Tessera. The man behind Casa Lambretta and Museo Scooter & Lambretta in Rodano, outside Milan.
In the foreword he says something in the line of "Here I go, talking about Lambretta again".
Please do, signore Tessera!
Well, talking, but the real treat here is the pictures. Meraviglioso will translate into marvelous!
Okay, it starts in the 1930's and the beginning of the firm Innocenti, producing steel scaffolding for construction work. Interesting as a background, but we're all after the scooters, right?
Calm down, they start at page 52, of a total of 360 pages. Pictures of production, competitions, events, rideouts, club life, holidays, publicity stunts etc follows.
Every aspect of trying to reach happiness on two wheels are covered!
Then there are interviews with Luigi Innocenti's widow and son, factory employees and racing drivers. All in Italian at first, but in the back there is an english translation to each chapter.
But the pictures speaks an international language!
Mi piace molto!

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