Saturday, 3 March 2012

Roman goddess and Gemla

I can't find any information about a "Lambretta Club Citta' del tri colore". I acquired this "lucky charm" some years, but no clues from the vendor. It's very well executed so it must be at least from the 60's. About 35 mm in circumference. Does the inscription "Victoria" incline that this was awarded to a winner in the "Moto Rally Internazionale Reggio Emilia"? I don't know...

The mod geezer below, with no arms, is from the Swedish toy maker Gemla, established in 1866. This three-wheeler of wood is from the 50's. The front fender is missing here. Well, is it a Vespa or a Lambretta? I have faint recollection of seeing a yellow one like this, marked "Vespa", I have to check with a friend.

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