Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Vespa as service "car"

A wonderful picture from the midfifties (thanx for scouting Paul S).
It's a Vespa 125 VM2 from 1954. There is a logo on the lid to the bagage compartment. Belonging to the Swedish state telephone company "Televerket". The sign above the spare wheel says "Tjänstebil", meaning service car as they didn't have signs saying "service scooter".
The registered owner was Kungliga Telestyrelsen, förrådsbyrån, bilavdelningen (The Royal telecom board, the storage agency, car department).
The elegant man in his uniform seems to be proud over his vehicle!
The Vespa has some accessories, the spare wheel with it's mounting and the crash bars with the "parrot stick" for the ladies riding sidesaddle and the windscreen. It was in service until May 1959 when it was sold to a private person.
In the background to the left there is two Volvo cars, one PV 56 from before WWII and one PV 444 from the early fifties.
The picture comes from the technical museum in Stockholm (Tekniska museet).

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