Friday, 2 March 2012

A scooter stroll about town

Spirou? On some kind of Lambretta...

The kids are on leave. Forced them off their electrical devices and in to the Old Town in Stockholm. Buildings from the 13th century and lots of restaurants and tourist traps. And the royal castle.
In one shop I found the yellow scooter above. With the cartoon character Spirou riding it. Lambretta LD-ish apart from the front fender up front. At the back more of an Iso Milano (or Diva or Piccolino).
Rather big, about 20 cm high, and well executed. A limited edition at a price, approx €230...
Below is a Vespa 50, outside a small salumeria/restaurant. Not a customer's, I think it's there for a strategic purpose. Well, I at least discovered the shop.
Last but very least, a rather tacky t-shirt with a cat and kittens on a Vespa!

A Vespa 50 outside a deli/restaurant.

Yes, it's a t-shirt! Cute?

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