Tuesday, 28 February 2012

1955 Vespa brochure

Front cover; "Go by Vespa instead".

This is a 20 pages "big" Swedish Vespa brochure in A6-format. The front displays that Vespa beats trams, buses and cars when you commute.
And you can even use your Vespa on Sundays! This is from the time when almost everyone worked on Saturdays in Sweden. Or take a trip to Europe, the brochure gives examples, a trip from Stockholm to Milan didn't cost more than 92 kronor for two people (including ferry fees). That's about 10 euro, well and 57 years ago...
The Vespa news for 1955 is also presented; the number 1 was the Vespa 150, with 150 cc and 6 hp. Turn the page and drool over the Grand (!) Sport, the first sports Vespa with 8 hp and 10-inch wheels, now known in Italy as the "cavi esterni" (external cables) as they had yet to be incorporated in the headset.
And the sidecar, to which there is a strange Vespa attached. Front fender from a 1951-1952 and the headlight at the handlebar. I guess that was the picture they had. But not even the same pic as here.
Last but not least, the concessionaire Como M&T Bjerke invites the potential buyers to join a Vespa Club, more than 600 in Europe at the time.

"News nr 1", the Vespa 150 (VL2-3) ranks before...

...the GS 150, "cavi esterni" or VS1.

The Vespa way of spending your free time.

The back cover, with a side car.


  1. That is an amazing brochure.


  2. The VS1 is very rare, with its engine on the left side... I believe they managed to invert the picture of the 125 too, am I right?

  3. Hawkeye-P! You're absolutely right. Obviously you have the same brochure, since I left out the picture of the 125. But you're right here also. Always look at the whole picture!