Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tail light from a Vispetta?

A custom tail light, or for another scooter?

I have fitted a non-original tail light on my 1963 Vespa GS 160, series 1. I bought the light from Rimini Lambretta Centre. I think they believed it was some sort of 60's custom/accessory light. So did I. Unfortunately it came without the rubber gasket. But an old motorcycle guy here in Sweden made one for me after I had made a template using the housing. Fitted perfectly.
The next time I saw another of these tail lights were at the Imola fair in September 2011. For sale on a vendor's table. But he was busy talking on the phone, so I could ask if he knew where it came from.
The third time was when a guy here in Sweden talked about a scooter called Vispetta. I had heard the name but Googled once again. I think the manufacturer was called Malanca, and the 50 cc scooter was built in the 60's. At least a couple of the ones I found, had this tail light! Not much is written about the Vispetta (like a cross between Vespa and Lambretta), so I'm not quite sure if this is a genuine Vispetta light. Italian readers of my blog, feel free to supply information!

The mysterious tail light on my 1963 Vespa GS 160, series 1.

A Vispetta (?) tail light at the Imola fair, september 2012.


  1. That looks excellent on your bike, great choice! Excellent blog as well. Thanks.