Saturday, 25 February 2012

TV 175 ready this spring?

The rear brake cable fitted, things missing though...

My Lambretta TV 175 was dismantled in the late 80's, and not by me...
When I bought it the former owner had assembled some things, not very accurate.
The rest was in several boxes, unmarked. So, it's been a lot of trial and error.
When me and Jim opened the front hub we soon discovered that a couple of vital thing was missing, well the hub bearing was there but one circlip and a hub seal were non-present...
Next one was the rear hub that received the brake shoes. The trouble started when we discovered that there were no clamps to join the pedal for the rear brake with the brake cable. A bit late to discover that...
Well, I found the clamps, on my 175-wreck in the yard. Today I flipped the Lammy upside down and saw grime, dirt and rust. Thought that I never get the clamps loose. Much to my surprise it went really easy. Then a thorough cleaning and the clamps are up for the job!

All the pieces are there in the front hub, and it's quiet!

The brake shoes are now fitted, and the rear hub is overhauled.

The Innocenti badge made of plastic was glued on.

I flipped the wreck upside down in order to get... the gold! The pedal clamps for the rear brake cable.

The clamps looking a bit better! I like my wreck.

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