Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Primavera? Don't think so...

Right now it's snowing here in Stockholm. The spring seems far away.
Just got a reminder for the Swedish MoT test of my 1953 Vespa faro basso, in april.
The snowy one in the pic above is my other faro basso. Don't really know why I bother.
I got a call from my friend Jim on a summers day a couple of years ago. "I found a Vespa in scrap heap, do you wan't it?".
So I went. In the good old days the farmers in Sweden got rid of old vehicles by simply bury them on their own farm land. Some yours ago there was a drive from insurances companies, "dig up your scrap, we'll collect it". Why? Maybe the price of scrapmetal, China want's more.
Well, on the farm I spotted 1,2 Vespa in a giant heap. Among some chrushed cars, farming tools, beds, barbed wire etc.
The 0,2 Vespa consisting of handlebar, half a fork and a cut down front shield. Rusty as...
Maybe the speedo housing can be salvaged.
The "whole" is of course not that. It's a body with a rusty floor, the engine side cowl okay but the other one heavily dented. No engine, but the choke lever is there! So is the Vespa script and one chromed legshield trim.
But I think it makes our garden prettier!

The scrap heap with the Vespa "find".

The remains of the other Vespa, I left it behind...