Friday, 29 July 2011

Space age helmet for Vespa

As always - a happy smile!
Just showing off my cool space age visor. I found it on a veteran fair last year. Yes, I immediately bought it, perfect for an old Vespa or Lambretta. It's marked AGV Made in Italy. The strange thing is that I found the helmet at the same fair, by an other vendor! I'm not sure if it's an AGV helmet, the sticker is borrowed from one of my son's helmet.

At least some sun, even if it's just of the evening variety.

A "postcard" from the small harbour of Herrvik.
Tomorrow it's raduno time!
Visby Vespa Club's sommer meet is at last here. Hope to give a report tomorrow before the official dinner. The weather forecast, hrm, no good so far.
The picture below are for the Swedish scooterists:

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