Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My old Vespa GS 150

Today I started my old Vespa GS 150 from 1961. Also my first Vespa, bought in May 1989.
It has been unused for some years, almost since the puncture during a winter rally in Finland.
Starter gas and a new battery wasn't enough, I also had to empty the tank, petrol ages Quick these days. New, fresh petrol helped. Suddenly I was driving along and ended up at Patrik's home. He took his 180 SS, the one I borrowed during Vespa World Days in Norway, and we went to the "Scooter-fika" here in Stockholm. "Fika" means coffe and some pastry...
6 scooters were present, Vespa vs Lambretta = 4-2.

The pics are a shade too blue, due to evening light. The GS has it's original colour.

The hole was put there by an former owner, for a switch for the ignition.

One of the nicest behinds in the history of Vespa!


  1. Great scooter, and really interesting blog !

    Cheers from Athens Greece ! Petros

  2. Thanx, Petros! Always nice to be appreciated. I try to display the wonderful world of Vespa and Lambretta from my point of view.

  3. I love the orange vespa. Is that an original color to Vespa? I have seen yellow vespas here.

  4. Yes, it's an original Vespa colour called "Giallo", yellow to you. Although "Arancia", orange, seems better suited. It was available around the mid-sixties for the Vespa 50 cc. Colour code: "Giallo 910" which a talented colour shop would be able to translate.