Monday, 1 August 2011

Tin toy Vespa from Japan

This is the famous tin toy Vespa GS from the japanese firm "Bandai". From the 50's and very collectable. Just for sale at an internet auction here in Sweden.
It's about 22 cm long, or 9 inch.
By the photos it seems to be genuine. Nowadays there are some suspicious looking items that are new but has been given a "patina treatment" to look old. Some people has no doubts of making fake toys. I haven't yet seen a fake Bandai Vespa GS, but wherever the demand is bigger than the supply, there is a risk of villains trying to make an extra dollar.


  1. What does something like that go for at auction? It's a very cool looking piece and if it's authentic would worth it.

  2. It went for approximately 90 US dollar. Cheap I think. But the winner was prepared to go higher. Seems to be a tin toy collector.
    There was also red and green Bandai Vespa GS. Altough the real thing always was silver grey.