Monday, 29 August 2011

The Vespa findings examined

Handlebar parts to at least VM1-VM2.

Yes, I couldn't resist a small wood box filled with Vespa parts on a veteran fair here in Sweden. Today I opened the box to really see what I had purchased. 
Most parts belong to a 1953 Vespa 125, VM1, faro basso. The seller at the fair said that he last year  sold a restored VM1 at the same market. But he couldn't tell if this is the leftovers from that restoration. The seller had more but other two wheel parts, so I guess he vacuums his neighbourhood for things to sell.
Yes, this was all his Vespa parts.

Spare wheel holder mounted under rear luggage rack.
Cover for clutch side.
Flywheel to a GS among all faro basso stuff.
Kick start lever, VM1-VM2
Intake from carburettor, also VM1-VM2. Also VL1-3?
Muffler for smallframe-
Dell'Orto TA 17B carburettor, for Vespa 125 U.
Close-up to the above.
An extra cylinder.
The Vespa VM1 1953 engine in all it's glory...

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  1. Your story and all of the pictures are good. What a wonderful treasure and link to your heritage. I'm your newest follower of your blog.