Sunday, 14 August 2011

Small Piaggio badge on a Rally

Yes, it's obviously a Vespa Rally 200. But what about the small badge on top of the tail light. What's it from? Someone has styled the Rally sometimes, the current owner hasn't got a clue.
Any of you who knows better?


  1. I bet that was something someone glued on for fun. Especially since the cover looks brush painted. By the time of the Rally Piaggio was onto the Hexagonal logo too :P

  2. Hi! For fun, definitely. And very brush painted. But the small badge is in fine shape and has to my guess been mounted on some other Piaggio product. Sidecar? No, to big. Moscone outboard engine? To big too! More suggestions?

  3. The early V50? 1963 and onwards, maybe.