Thursday, 11 August 2011

Douglas and Lambretta

From the 1951-1952 Swedish parade of motorcycles. A large colour leaflet presenting the new models on the market. Of my interest is the scooter section.
Just wondering why there is a picture of an English Douglas Vespa instead of an italian Vespa? The first Vespas in Sweden about 1949-1950 were italian, sold through the Ford cars dealership. My own 1951 Vespa 125 were sold by the Ford dealer in Piteå, very north of Stockholm, approx 250 km´s below the Arctic circle. The Douglas Vespas were never officially imported to Sweden.

The importer of  the Lambretta 125 C was the firm "Bil & Truck" in Gothenburg.
The clip below is from a Swedish newspaper, about 1948-1949, and it tells us that although there are plenty of Lambrettas in Italy, no one has reached Sweden yet. A nice 125m (A).

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