Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Lambretta - it's looking bright

Such a pretty sight; back light and brake light is working!

Quite a pleasant Easter holiday, with lot's of work done to the Lambretta TV 175. The electric wires were fitted to the battery, rectifier and ignition coil. And there was light! I really like that it is two orange brake lights, this is the only Lambretta with this set up.
But this was in the "mock-up" stage. The "due tempi-mago" Jim modified the newly bought brake light switch to fit on the foot lever! Of course it worked.
The trickier bit was to fit the hand brake lever on the handlebar. A small peg with a hole is needed to keep the lever in it's place. And small hookVery fiddly, three hands needed. I wonder how they did it at the Innocenti factory, I hope it wasn't as time consuming for them as it was for us!
OK, brakes and lights working. Next step is to connect clutch and gas wires, sort the exhaust and a couple of other things.
Fitting the front brake lever was very tricky, three hands needed.

The modified brake light switch, later mounted on the rear brake lever.

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