Thursday, 24 January 2013

Vespa 946 in Stockholm

There is motorcycle fair here in Stockholm this weekend. The Piaggio people has put the Vespa 946 in their stand. And they revealed the price; 80 199 Swedish crowns! That's a whopping € 9 300 or £ 7 750!
The scoot in the pictures are a mock-up. Production is about to start in March and the sales in May, the clerk from the importer told me. But he didn't knew if there only will be a limited series and in that case, how many of them will arrive in Sweden.
Well, at least I was able to sit on it. It felt nice and I was able to move back on the big (and quirky) saddle.
But the price, a GTS 300 Super Sport costs 3/4 of a 946!
The new Swedish Vespa leaflet states that it's a fourstroke, 155 cc with 3-valves producing 13 hp att 8 000 rpm.


  1. Thanks for this piece of information!

  2. Those are really cool scooters, but that is just silly money. In the US, you can buy the BMW 600cc scooter for $9,500 (or less)... and you can buy a Ducati Monster 696 for $9200. Piaggio can't possibly think that price will work in our market.