Sunday, 25 November 2012

Tour du monde en Vespa!

I have bought another Vespa collectible, the french cardboard game "Tour de monde en Vespa", World tour on Vespa or Giro Mondiale in Vespa (not quite sure about that translation to italian).
A friend bought in France this autumn and then when was kind enough to pass it on to me. Luckily he is not a Vespa freak, although he owns a 60's Ciao in mint condition.
The game is from about the mid-fifties, lots of fun and beautiful stuff to get around the world. As a player you belong to a Vespa Club and get a marker in the form of a Vespa in, maybe, pewter. Then you have dices and a peg-top (?) to spin in order to stop or help you.
My 37 year old school french isn't very useful when I'm trying to read the rules and regulations (i.e. how to play).
Maybe I'll try to play it anyhow with the family during Christmas!

Spin it and you know what to do.

The stuff that makes the game go forward.

The players on their Faro bassos.

You travel in North & South America.

As you can see we live in igloos in northern Sweden.

The faro basso looks awfully big...

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