Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Holiday in the Veneto-region

The first Vespa, in a small square in Treviso. A 50R?

The schools here in Sweden has a week long autumn vacation. The family (five persons) decided to go to Venezia (Venice). We found a cheap hotel outside Treviso, a 25 minute long train ride to the station Venezia Santa Lucia where the water begins. Venezia is very nice, and strange. Not really for a scooter freak.
I did found an adress to Vespa Club Venezia, right in the middle of the houses, alleys and canals. I wounder where they're riding...seriously, they ride over the bank to the mainland I guess. Or maybe the scooters are garaged somewhere in the town of Mestre.
I also found out that the Vespa Club Treviso meet on bar near the Piaggio-dealer. I actually went in to the "Due Ruote Center" and asked for some stuff. But, they had mostly newer parts and accessories.
Then I managed to take som pics of "stray" Vespas along our way. Remember, it was a family holiday. Not search for Vespa and Lambretta spares...
Nicest find? Maybe the Vespa T5 in Treviso. Really nice.

Also Treviso, a rather modern PX with side cowl accessories.

An older Vespa 50, no holes in the wheel rims.

Me outside the Piaggio dealer in Treviso and...

...I think the Vespa Club Treviso have their meetings nearby.

Yeah! A Vespa T5 for two. In the town of Treviso.

An Ape in Belluno, late 60's early 70's? Not me, that is...

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