Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Some "new" Vespas discovered

Alexei, to the left, found this Vespa Touring 1959 (150 cc and 6 hp) recently. Here he is with Hampus for a first examination. Sorry about the crap picture, actually the Vespa is brown.
Fortunately the re-spray was done with paint out of a can. Alexei has started to remove the ugly brown. First he tried with white spirit, then he carefully applied brake fluid and the suddenly the original metallic blue started to show. Yes, it fires up, so getting it on the road won't be that difficult.
The second Vespa I paid a visit to is hiding in a shed. The owner hasn't been riding it for five or six years. It was restored in the beginning of the 90's when the owner was a mod. Now he has promised to get it on the road again!  

The 1959 Vespa 150 cc with the brown paint partly removed.

A 1958 Vespa 125 lurking in a shed. Soon on the road?

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  1. Great post; I was very lucky recently with this 'garage find' Douglas Vespa Sportique Grand Luxe