Friday, 27 July 2012

Vespa 50R 1973 sold!

Remember my blogpost about my brother's daughter who fell in love with our Vespa 50 from 1973?
After she tried it she nagged my brother to ask my son to sell it.
This year she became 15 years old and the urging got stronger.
After a long time my 18-year old decided to sell it. I agreed, under conditions. When she gets tired of it, they have to sell it back to me!
In April the Vespa travelled 600 km's up north, and in May the girl, Alva, managed to get her moped-license (you have to have that now, a new law). All her girlfriends have brand new and modern 50 cc scooters. That was never an alternative for her. A modette to be?
Such a happy and proud face!

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