Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lambretta brothers united

A Lambretta Li 150 in front of my TV 175.

This Lambretta Li 150, in Sweden they were called "Milano", from 1959 is living on Gotland, its latest MOT was in 1975...
The owner is an old scooterist from the 60's, and has owned a number of scooters.
This is his last one and he intends to keep it. Some restoration work has begun on the front fender and the handle bar housing. My guess is that it ends there...
The Lammy is running and the only thing that stops it from having a new MOT is non working horn.
I thought it was fun to reunite two series 1 Lambrettas, the big brother and the little one... 

Levers with a hook, "mod style" saýs the owner.

Not clean, but working. Original colour under the Orange respray.

The correct place for the Agip sticker, mine is on the outside...
Two series 1 Lammys in the sun.

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