Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lambretta & Vespa report

I have some trouble with Picasa. Didn't use it for some months, and then Google made some changes I guess. So, no pics right now.
I'm on vacation on the island of Gotland, halfway between Sweden and Latvia.
I rode the Lambretta TV 175 series 1 to the ferry. Suddenly the arm joint to gas wire and throttle broke. Had to find a steel wire as I didn't want to remove the gas wire.
I found a rusty wire on a lamp post, and proceeded by lifting the throttle directly.
But I missed the ferry, but had only to wait 2 hours to the next one.
On Gotland I phoned our oldest son and asked him to remove the arm from another Dell'Orto 23 mm and post it to me. That worked out, but now the second carb is useless. Anyone having spares?

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