Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My three Vespa PX's

The big Perego with the smaller version on the saddle.

Here my three Vespa PX! Small one and made of plastic. Per i bambini, for the kids. Of any age?
The big one is made by the italian firm Perego, still in business today and with contemporary Vespa models like GT.
Mine is a PX200 for children 3-6 years, driven by a 12V battery located under the saddle. No, I haven't tried it yet.
The small one on the saddle has no name of the manufacturer. Anyone who knows?
The Pitti came with the original box. The same size, 1:6, as the smaller one but driven by small batteries in a box with a cord.
Okay, they're no La Hotte S:t Nicholas, but still nice!

The "Pitti" from the maker Ellegi.
The smaller one again, I think it is about 1:6.

The cable control to the Pitti.

View over the handle bars of the 1:6 toy Vespa.

The original box to the Pitti.

The big one with "speakers and cassette player".

The "big" Perego.

The side of the Pitti-box.

Something missing? A speedo sticker perhaps.

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