Saturday, 31 January 2015

Pictures from the exhibition

Somehow I was invited to show three of my Vespas at "The Hallwylska museet" in Stockholm. The palace was built in 1890's for Swedish nobility and was turned into a museum in 1930. Right now there is an exhibition called "12 cuckoo eggs", twelve collectors showing their stuff. Pez dispensers, cuckoo clocks, high couture shoes and bags, shaving devices, battered dolls, kinder eggs, IKEA-chairs and so on. Plus my Vespa GS 150, Vespa SS 180 and the Vespa Touring (VGLA). And  the banner from the 1960 Eurovespa held together with the inauguration of the Roma Olympic Games.
Since the creator of the museum, Wilhelmina von Hallwyl also was a collector this location was choosed to show these modern collectors.

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