Thursday, 15 January 2015

Two Vespa U in South America

No less than two Vespa U, Utilitaria, emerged in South America during 2014. Or should I say one whole? The first is an engine that was found in Colombia, by chance in a small town by a Vespista.
He then put it up for sale in an Argentinian forum - my correspondent in Buenos Aires tells me. But it was just the engine, with number 58**, about 1 200 numbers from the end of production in 1953. Only 6 000 Vespa 125 U was produced, starting with number 1 000 and ending on 7 000.
The second, or half, 125 U was found approx six months ago in Argentina. Nice but only the body and it was bought by an italian collector.

VU1M*58XX*, at the end of 1953.

The U-engine with another Vespa.

Correct cowl over the engine and front fender and fork.

This Vespa 125 U is now back in Italy.

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