Monday, 15 December 2014

Vespa SS180 with finnish!

This is my 1967 Vespa SS 180, bought in april 2013. After the purchase I mounted the tank and repaired the lamp housing with metallic glue, rewired it and changed the saddle. It started nicely but after a couple of starts the piston rings gave up. I ordered new ones and a Ken Cobbing-replica exhaust from SIP.
A lot of other things happened, a Cosa, a VGL, and so on...
Now I'm giving it some tender loving care again. The piston rings are mounted and the compression is healthy again. I have also replaced the kick lever since the splines were worn.
Looking forward to try it in better weather conditions!
I will keep it as is. It has a lot of cool period stickers. It was sold new in Helsinki, the capital of Finland and later it went to Åland, the archipelago between Sweden and Finland.
One of the cool stickers are from 1973 Pori Jazz Festival, where Keith Jarrett, Jukka Tolonen, Nanni Porres, Tasavallan Presidenti and more were among the performing artists that year.

Yellow light bulb in the December sun.

Pori Jazz Festival 1973!   

Something about Jesus Christ.

"For race only", he he. Ken Cobbing replica from SIP.

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